Table of Contents

A place where you can find all the evergreen articles.


Articles that explore game strategy

Playing to your outs – A basic strategy article about finding the path to victory.

Playing against Control the Weak – Control the Weak (And Restringuntus) are very tough cards to play around, but it can be done.

Soft Locks – Identifying situations where changing the way you play is the only way forward.

Getting out of 2/2/2 hands – You can succumb to bad luck, or you can twist the odds in your favor.

Reviewing discard pile – Information is there to be used, some ideas on how to do it.

Staggering Miasmas – An initial look at Tempo, and how playing Miasmas might affect it.

Deck Evaluation

Articles that help you assess a deck – Either in sealed or from your collection

Evaluating decks by the numbers (sealed) – Some ideas on how to evaluate decks quickly for sealed events where you need to pick a deck out of a limited pool.

Single sealed – Evaluation – Single deck sealed events still benefit from evaluating a deck.

Have a large collection and need to find the best decks to take to an event? In this article series I explore some ideas to help you do that efficiently.

Discovering Keyforge

Topics regarding exploring different aspects of the game

Demystifying the mystery of winning decks – How unique are winning decks? How many potentially winning decks are there? Is the game pay to win?

Vault Tours – Should you go? – Are vault tours for you?

The value of repetition – How important is it to play your deck a lot?

Personal Experiences

Events I participated in – How I did in them – Lessons learned

Krakow Vault Tour: Sealed – Finished top 4.

Krakow Vault Tour: Archon – Finished top 16.

Krakow Vault Tour: The personal – Why I love the keyforge community.

Event Coverage

Text transcripts of events I watched on stream

Madrid Vault Tour day 1: Stream Report

Madrid Vault Tour day 2: Stream Report