Demystifying the mystery of winning decks

I've found myself asking a question: How many decks that are similar to vault tour winning decks exist? And what does it mean for the game? I'm here to share with you my exploration of that question, and my answer to it. As always, I'm open to discussion on the subject, and would love to … Continue reading Demystifying the mystery of winning decks

Vault Tours – Should you go?

Short answer: Yes! Long answer: You've read my reports about Vault Tours, and the rigorous training I went through, and think "I'm too casual to go to a Vault Tour." Which is an actual sentence someone said to my SO on I'm here to tell you Vault Tours are for you, too. Prize Support … Continue reading Vault Tours – Should you go?

Soft Locks

I've been meaning to write on this topic for a while now, but only today did I feel like something formed into a cohesive article. Hard Locks Before I begin, I want to mention hard locks. Hard locks are situations you simply can't get out of. Sometimes they require setup and sometimes they happen immediately. … Continue reading Soft Locks