Krakow Vault Tour: Archon

Let's dive into the Archon solo vault tour! Deck choice Unlike the sealed, I had to pick a deck prior to going to the event. Picking a deck for archon solo is not a simple process and everyone that has access to the secondary market has an abundance of options. There are many variables to … Continue reading Krakow Vault Tour: Archon


Krakow Vault Tour: Sealed

Krakow vault tour is behind us, and it was a big one with a double vault tour. I have so much to talk about it, there is no way to fit it in one blogpost. As of writing this, I have 4 posts in mind: Sealed, Archon, Side Events and Personal. So stay tuned for … Continue reading Krakow Vault Tour: Sealed

Soft Locks

I've been meaning to write on this topic for a while now, but only today did I feel like something formed into a cohesive article. Hard Locks Before I begin, I want to mention hard locks. Hard locks are situations you simply can't get out of. Sometimes they require setup and sometimes they happen immediately. … Continue reading Soft Locks

Rules against intuition (Archimedes board wipe)

Update: Archimedes no longer works as described in this article, due to a rules update that says that creatures cannot gain Destroyed abilities after being marked for destruction. When FFG announced the errata on Library Access and Bait and Switch I refrain from writing about the subject. For the most part the topic has been … Continue reading Rules against intuition (Archimedes board wipe)