Vault Tours – Should you go?

Short answer: Yes! Long answer: You've read my reports about Vault Tours, and the rigorous training I went through, and think "I'm too casual to go to a Vault Tour." Which is an actual sentence someone said to my SO on I'm here to tell you Vault Tours are for you, too. Prize Support … Continue reading Vault Tours – Should you go?


Keyforge formats: Adaptive

This is a first in a series of articles about the various formats available in keyforge. This time, I'm going to write about Adaptive. I'm expecting this to be a controversial topic, since Adaptive is celebrated by many as the best format for keyforge. I've heard it described as "The truest and purest form of … Continue reading Keyforge formats: Adaptive

Soft Locks

I've been meaning to write on this topic for a while now, but only today did I feel like something formed into a cohesive article. Hard Locks Before I begin, I want to mention hard locks. Hard locks are situations you simply can't get out of. Sometimes they require setup and sometimes they happen immediately. … Continue reading Soft Locks

Rules against intuition (Archimedes board wipe)

Update: Archimedes no longer works as described in this article, due to a rules update that says that creatures cannot gain Destroyed abilities after being marked for destruction. When FFG announced the errata on Library Access and Bait and Switch I refrain from writing about the subject. For the most part the topic has been … Continue reading Rules against intuition (Archimedes board wipe)