Update: Double Elimination is no more. That is one less item on the pain points!

Timeshapers is on blackout until I feel like Ghost Galaxy is doing something for me as a player. Through their actions and words, Ghost Galaxy has made me feel inconsequential. I am tired of being angry at a game that is supposed to bring me joy.

I am not yet quitting KeyForge, but I am close. It won’t take much more to push me over the ledge.

I will list the things Ghost Galaxy has done that have caused me pain, and then list the things Ghost Galaxy has done that has brought me joy. The joy list needs more items.

Pain Points

  • No Diversity. Everyone at Ghost Galaxy are cis men.
  • Announcing Alliance after the Gamefound campaign ended, stopping us from voting with our wallets.
  • Introducing Alliance, claiming it would allow players to use “bad” decks.
  • Removing Adaptive, the format that allows players to use “bad” decks.
  • Sealed Alliance replacing Sealed pick 1 of 3.
  • Cutting down all variants of Archon format, leaving only Archon Standard for players that are not interested in alliance. The listed reason was they do not wish to split the player base.
  • Splitting the player base by making everyone choose whether to participate in Archon Alliance or Archon Standard as the main events always overlap.
  • Announcing organized play structure but neglecting to mention local organized play will only start in 2024.
  • Neglecting to make it widely known that the fulfillment date of the crowdfund is NOT what was listed on expected date, and is, in fact, 6 months later than that. We were expected to find that information in the FAQ.
  • Neglecting to mention that foreign language decks are likely to delay fulfillment.
  • Pre-release events in the US 1 month before the rest of the world.
  • Street date of Winds of Exchange is likely going to be before international backers will receive their pledge.
  • Vault Masters 2023 effectively giving US access to another set before international backers have access to Winds of Exchange.
  • Vault Masters 2023 set effectively exclusive to US, tournament legal, and barely tested.
  • Winds of Exchange apparent power creep.
  • A shift of Vault Tour to cash prizes, and no prizes at all below top 4.
  • No Sealed main events.
  • Poorly orchestrated deck ownership in Master Vault.
  • Hundreds of Winds of Exchange decks sold months before international backers got their pledge.
  • Winds of Exchange seems to have an issue with duplicate decks. At first it seemed very small issue, but people keep opening sealed decks and finding there were already scanned.

Joy Points

  • Enhancements in the Master Vault
  • Winds of Exchange (Which I have not received yet)
  • Personalized Decks (Which I have not received yet)
  • Tournament summary article with stats and winning decks, like the U.S National article.


I do not wish to punish you for Ghost Galaxy’s actions, so all the Timeshapers content is still online and discoverable via google searches.