Online sealed chain auction 2!

Two weeks ago I played my first online chain tournament and won, and this week I got to play again. Spoiler alert: I did not win. Deck evaluation This is where most of the skill of the format is concentrated. I've learned some new things this time and it will definitely help in future games … Continue reading Online sealed chain auction 2!


Playing to your outs

I'm going to put my preparation for UKGE Vault tour on hold to discuss what I feel is an important topic. I'm writing this, inspired by this post on reddit: They were far behind on Æmber , two keys to two, and realized their only way to win is if they used Chaos Portal and … Continue reading Playing to your outs

From casual to Vault tour Birmingham – Introduction

Introduction I go by several names online, between Aurore (newest), poet, poetic and poeticmatter. I'm 35, and have played one sort of competitive game or another since I first encountered Magic: The gathering about 22 years ago, at age 13. While I've always played a competitive game, I have never been the best or even … Continue reading From casual to Vault tour Birmingham – Introduction