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Hiding SAS totals on Decks of Keyforge

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First off, I’d like to say I love it is a fantastic site that lets me do a lot of the things I’d want a collection manager to do, plus a very good marketplace. That said, many people, myself included, feel that SAS totals can cause significant bias. High SAS decks get all the plays while low SAS decks get overlooked. I am here to help you remove your blinders.

This is Bazi, a deck with which I won a Grand Championship in 2019 and a deck I have %70 win rate, by far my highest. Can you guess it’s SAS?

It’s currently 69. If I opened it today and had SAS showing, I might have shrugged and moved on. I know I have more competitive decks below 70 SAS, I just need the blinders removed so I can find them.

SAS is good

As Stuart mentioned in the recent Call of Discovery episode: If you’re short on time and have a large collection, just trying your highest SAS deck has a much higher chance of yielding good results than trying a random deck in your collection.

But suppose you do have time, or don’t have a huge collection, then you don’t want to limit yourself to the top 5% of your decks by SAS. You should still definitely test those top 5%, but you can do more. I can say for myself that even though I know there are many low SAS decks in my collection that might perform way better than expected, I would never get to them without playing in SASCAP events. And even in SASCAP events, I tend to go for the cap even if a lower SAS deck might be better.

SAS also provide us with individual stats, called AERC, and those stats are affected by synergy and anti synergy just like the deck total, and those stats are excellent tools to quickly assess what the strengths and weaknesses of a deck are.

No SAS Total

Back when I first wrote this article the method of hiding SAS was clunky at best, to the point I removed the plugins because they caused issues. I have recently explored options for hiding SAS again, and found a smoother approach. This was only tested on a Windows PC running Chrome, but I assume you can find similar solutions for other browsers and operating systems.

You will need to install uBlock Origin, which is a tool primarily used to block ads in chrome. Once installed, open the dashboard.

Nova (author of Decks of Keyforge) has been kind enough to add a DIV class to the SAS score box so it is easier to hide. So all you need to do is navigate to “My Filters” tab, and simply add this line:

You’re done. You will no longer see the SAS totals on Decks of Keyforge.


One small issues is that when you click on “My Decks” or search for decks, Decks of Keyforge still sorts your decks by SAS by default. Which means you’re still going to know that the decks you see first are higher SAS. Manually changing the sorting every time can be a hassle, so I use another plugin to automatically do it for me: Redirector.

Once installed, click the plugin and then Edit Redirects. You will be greeted by this complicated looking screen (with less redirects, since you haven’t set them up yet). But don’t worry, I got a step-by-step for you.

Click on Create new redirect, like so:

Text for you to copy paste:

Example URL:
Pattern Description:

This will automatically add sort by date added. However, it will not recognize the URL if there additional options on the search, so create another redirect like so:

Text for you to copy paste:

Example URL:
Pattern Description:

I am sure there is a way to combine both into a single redirect, but this is easy and it works. Do note, however, that sometimes it will not automatically add it, so you’ll have to resubmit the URL: Simply click the address bar and press enter.

Master Vault to Decks of Keyforge redirect

I made a chrome extension that added a button that let you redirect from the Master Vault to the deck’s page on DOK. It died, and I can’t be bothered to remake it. I noticed I never want to view a deck in the Master Vault, so I automatically redirect to DOK any time I view a specific deck.

Text for you to copy paste:

Example URL:
Pattern Description:*

That’s it, you will now view all decks in Decks of Keyforge.

Analyze your collection free of SAS totals

I’ve shown you how to remove SAS totals from DOK, and how to automatically sort by Date Added so you can explore your full collection. However, you may still have a very large collection and want to quickly find decks that would appeal to you. I made a Spreadsheet that can do exactly that, help you find decks that you will like to play. Go read the article and open the door to exploration.

As always, if you have any question, comments, or just want to join a great community, the Santumonius Timeshapers Discord is open to all.


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