I’m working on a ban strategy spreadsheet

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The idea is to use game theory truth table to help pick a deck to ban in Triad Bo1 or Bo3.

I use a scale of -1,0,1 to rank each matchup on the table, with A,B,C being my three decks and 1,2,3 being my opponent’s three decks.
After I evaluate and fill in the 9 matchups, the row of the table bellow will show the total value based on their ban and yours. This is useful if you have a high certainty of what they will ban.
However I am of the opinion that you should not try and guess what your opponent will ban.
So what you do is ban based on the bottom of the column, which is formatted green to red. Simply ban the column which has the highest positive value.


There will be a full article about this after the Triad event this weekend.


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