Low efficiency decks

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I’ve been thinking about low efficiency decks lately and what they might need to have in order to be competitive.

First, we need to consider that a lot of things I consider efficiency is not rated as such by dok, things that allow you to use creatures are not counted as efficiency. It is mostly card draw, archiving and recursion, which are very specific types of efficiency.

Second, I like to consider how reusable cards are counted in a very static way by dok. If you consider a card like Library of the Damned, which gives a static 1.5 efficiency, but really the amount of efficiency it gives you is based on how often you are going to call Dis during a cycle. If Dis is a main house, that efficiency goes up dramatically.

Reusable cards need to account for how likely they are to stick to the board. Artifacts are naturally more sticky, but creatures with high power and armor are pretty sticky too and you might get multiple uses out of them.

Third, any card that simply does it’s thing immediately is an efficient card. Actions are naturally efficient, but so are things like Hunting Witches. While a Hunting Witch might stick around to do more stuff, it’s efficiency comes from doing the thing it came to do immediately, without a chance for your opponent to respond.

Lastly, I think disruption can be as strong as efficiency. Coraythan himself says that disruption and efficiency are complimentary, and I agree. Making your opponent do less can be a strong parallel to you doing more.


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