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Loss reason and win percentage

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Had a thought about win percentage and the reason for my losses. I don’t have crazy 80% win rates with any decks. My top decks are pretty low, like in the 60%, even ones like Aquaoxyl, the Monk Hacker which went 5-0 in TCO, is below 60%, though that’s probably because it took me quite a while to get the hang of it.

Anyway, back to the topic. I think more important than how much I lost is how I lost. There are game losses because of various reasons:
– Cards came up in a bad order.
– Didn’t have the tools do deal with what my opponent’s deck does.
– Their cards came up in a really good order.
– I could have played better.

Keyforge is random, and stuff happens. Sometimes you win or lose because of luck. What I try to get a feel of is how often I lose and think I could have done better. Because after practicing with a deck 50 times, I will do better. And in a tournament setting, I will do better.

I just lost to a deck because they had double lifeward and my two Hebe the Huge were locked out from clearing their triple Professor Sutterkin. That’s just a bad matchup, and that loss should not decide whether the deck I was playing is competitive or not.


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