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Mass Mutations spoiler – Purify

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My friend Kiivii got his hands on some MM decks and was kind enough to send it my way to spoil, so here it is, Purify!

Sweetness, this cards looks like so much fun!

First, it fits nicely with the new Sactum anti-mutant theme, And I love the art. The knight looks powerful and honorable, but the art also does a good job of showing the humanity in the mutant. Powerful stuff.

The effect is really interesting and can be used to good effect on your own or opponent’s creatures. When used on your own deck it works as a sort of Sound the Horns but gets the creature directly into play. This can be good or bad, as the play effect won’t be triggered. So you might not want to do it if your deck is full of play triggers.

When used on your opponent’s creature, you can pull out a creature with a strong play effect, or even just a key creature and kill it right away. Plus, if that creature has any bonus icons, they won’t get them. And let’s not forget you are purging a creature. I don’t know how good Mutants are, but I’m so there will be some worth purging.

And lastly, if your opponent took control of one of your own mutants, you can purge it and get a creature yourself, as it says owner!

All in all a very interesting card, and it’s uncommon, so I’m really looking forward to discovering all the decks with it in them.


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