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I’ve talked previously about my deck assessment of 3 decks sealed by the numbers and a real life example in Birmingham Vault Tour. One of the things I wish I had was a template to fill in so I don’t forget what information I’d like to track.

So I made such a template I hope you all find useful:
Google Docs

How to use

Due to limited time, I suggest not doing the full analysis for all three decks. You will notice two thicker lines, and between them Bonus Æmber, Creatures and Æmber Control, those are the main metrics to help you judge a deck.

When counting Bonus Æmber you can also count cards that don’t have printed Æmber bonus, like Free Markets, or the additional 2 Æmber you get from playing Eureka. I will be hesitant to pick a deck with lower than 10 Bonus Æmber.

When counting creatures, not the creature split. a 9/5/4 creature split is often much more potent than a 6/6/6 split. An uneven distribution is an advantage.

When counting Æmber Control, you want to note reliable Æmber control that can get your opponent off keys. Cutthroat Research steals 2, but will not get them off a key unless you have something that increases key cost, like Grump Buggy. Some Æmber Control from board is more potent than others too, you may know already how I feel about Bordan the Redeemed, it’s not reliable Æmber control.

After you’ve counter those basic stats for your three decks and had a look at them, you will most likely be able to eliminate one option, saving you valuable time of recording the full data for the deck. After all, this is here to help you better see the deck, rather than pick it for you.

When you’re down to two decks, or maybe even one, record the rest of the data, it will allow you to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your deck, as well as make a final decision.

Board Clears and Artifact Control are fairly straight forward, but which cards you put in Dead and Power cards is really a matter of opinion. If there is interest, I may make a full list of such cards, but right now, just look over the cards and assess whether you’re going to discard it for no effect more often than not, or if it can swing games on it’s own.

Good luck!

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