Taking Dagen E. Subiblot, the 999th for a spin

This is going to be a short post, and mostly an update on my results with the deck. I played 3 games in casual and then 3 games in competitive, giving a rough representation of the difficulty progression in the swiss rounds.

In the future, I plan on recording myself playing. I’m not sure if I’ll post a video with commentary, or just record it so I can review it and make a written post about my games.

I lost my very first game. To my defense, I played at 4 am, which is hardly ideal. I won the second game, but I was quite distracted and so decided to call it a night and continue in the morning.

I won the last 4 games fairly handily, the games were not very close. The last game was really fun. My opponent played crystal hive and a bunch of mars creatures, and I already had a logos board. I smacked rocket boots on my archivist, remote accessed their crystal hive, and reaped to my heart’s content. I even put the remote access in my archives using the archaeologist, allowing me to do the same the following turn. Their Drumble was on the board since turn 1, and there was nothing they could do to stop me with my 18 aember.

I’m happy with my 5-1 result, which if I repeated it in the vault tour, would get me to day 2.

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