Getting out of 2/2/2 hands

You're staring down a 2/2/2 hand, wondering what you've done to anger the RNG gods. you play two cards from one house. It feels bad, but surely you're going to draw into a 3/2/1 or a 3/3, right? Wrong, you manage to draw into another 2/2/2 hand. Situation looks as grim as ever. You're playing … Continue reading Getting out of 2/2/2 hands


Rules against intuition (Archimedes board wipe)

When FFG announced the errata on Library Access and Bait and Switch I refrain from writing about the subject. For the most part the topic has been discussed to death, and you already have the opinions of much better players than myself. But I now need to talk about it, because it is relevant to … Continue reading Rules against intuition (Archimedes board wipe)