Single sealed – Evaluation

I apologize for the lack of updates. I have some ideas for topics, but nothing was well formed enough to write about, until today. Basic Analysis It doesn't matter if I'm playing one, two, or three sealed decks event, I always want to know the basic data for my deck. How much aember control does … Continue reading Single sealed – Evaluation


Getting out of 2/2/2 hands

You're staring down a 2/2/2 hand, wondering what you've done to anger the RNG gods. you play two cards from one house. It feels bad, but surely you're going to draw into a 3/2/1 or a 3/3, right? Wrong, you manage to draw into another 2/2/2 hand. Situation looks as grim as ever. You're playing … Continue reading Getting out of 2/2/2 hands