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Discarding creatures to the Quixxle gods

Some board states or cards may cause you to choose to discard a creature rather than play it. I already covered one such situation in my article about soft locks. There are more situations that may merit discarding a creature, and some Worlds Collide cards spring to mind: Quixxle Stone, Fangtooth Cavern, Red Alert and Unnatural Selection. Quixxle Stone Quixxle stone is undoubtedly one...

Episode 1- World championship format and variants 0

Episode 1- World championship format and variants

Take a little journey with us through the three variants of keyforge worlds championship, Archon Triad, Solo and Adaptive, as well as some discussion about our team and team events in general.

Episode 0 – An Introduction 0

Episode 0 – An Introduction

An introduction by Ilana and myself. Bear with us as we get the hang of things. If there are any podcast services you want to see us on, please let us know and I’ll see how I syndicate stuff there. Already working on spotify and itunes. We plan on having a weekly episode on Mondays.


Contest Results: In Search for a Search card

I called for you good people to design a search card for the gigantic Deusillus. There were 19 submissions, some multiples by the same people. I will review my top choice from each person, but show all the submissions for your enjoyment, and then announce the winner of the $10 coupon for Burger Tokens! Andrew Cartwright – Shaking Jello One of several Jurassic Park...


Bouncing Deathquark: Chain bidding

Bouncing Deathquark did an excellent episode on chain bidding, and since I am now more invested in learning Adaptive, I went back to listen to it. I wanted to make this knowledge accessible to people that don’t listen to podcasts. This is not a transcript, but rather me delivering their thoughts to you in my own words. Game Theory You’ve finished your first two...


Theorizing about Adaptive decks

It is known that I’m not a huge fan of Archon Adaptive, but the format is going to be a huge part of the Vault Warrior series and maybe even world championship. In other words, it’s here to stay and I want to understand it better. Deck aspects I’m not experienced enough at Adaptive to say what kind of deck I want to bring,...


In search for the search card

Yesterday I wrote about the new mechanics revealed in Mass Mutation. I said that I don’t think that Deusillus is powerful enough to make up for the opportunity cost. However, we know it comes with a third card to search for the first two, could that card make it powerful enough, or at least more interesting? I am not one for speculations, but I...


Mass Mutation: New Mechanics

On Thursday FFG live streamed the announcement of the next set, and article followed, along with a crucible cast. I thought I’d give you my first impressions of the new mechanics we’ve been teased. Warning: some negativity ahead. Enhance Briefly, Enhance means that one card existing in a deck will assign printed icons to other cards in the deck during deck generation. The Hystricog will...


Potential Aember and Exalting: Or why I don’t like Saurians

I finally figured out why I dislike Saurians, and it has to do with a broader topic. I have listened to Brad Andres talk on several podcasts about the design philosophy behind Saurians. Paraphrasing, the idea behind Exalting is Hubris, and they didn’t want Exalting to be a trap, so they made all common cards with Exalt almost always worth Exalting. To which I...